Skating Crew - Documentary Trailer

滑板少女 - 紀錄片(預告片)

在尼泊爾,有40%的婦女在18歲以前結婚。女孩和年輕婦女的角色經常受社會所規範及壓迫。現在,一群年輕的滑板運動員正在挑戰尼泊爾婦女的界限 - 一班來自新西蘭的女士在尼泊爾社區推廣這項運動,使其更加普及。這部紀錄片探討了身份,性別平等以及作為南亞女子滑板手的故事。


Bibbi Abruzzini拍攝和編輯


Refurb Skate -

In Nepal, 40% of women are married by the age of 18. Girls and young women are often confined to certain roles according to society's expectation. Now, a group of young skateboarders is pushing the boundaries for women in Nepal while a female collective from New Zealand is making the sport more accessible and less intimidating. This documentary explores issues of identity, gender equality and what it means to be a woman skateboarder in South Asia.

Shot and Edited by Bibbi Abruzzini

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Refurb Skate -

IDLE 花香藝術館

Innovation Design Life Education Flowers Museum

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